What can I do to improve my success with women?

Currently, my problems are:

I'm almost completely introverted. I have no idea how to start, let alone maintain, a conversation. Even if the hottest girl in the world were sitting right next to me giving me signals, I still wouldn't know what to say even as an opener.

I also tend to get drunk and angry, borderline psycho.

I could stand to join a gym or make more money with my business (or at least pretend that I do until it actually happens).

I have no smooth talking skills.

Also, I just plastic surgery injections that made my dick thicker. It's still the healing period, but at this point, the head is much smaller than the shaft. Hopefully, this can be corrected. I still have 2.5 months of healing left to do.


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  • Just be confident


What Guys Said 2

  • My suggestion would be to go to YouTube and look at some of the multitude of videos by self-proclaimed dating experts.
    It will cost you nothing to watch them and you may learn something of value.
    More importantly, do not drink and seek professional help (psychiatrist or psychologist) for your anger problem.

  • be a steroids taking abusive ghetto guy. you'll have more chances of getting laid. women are insane. just dont waste your time. and in your age if you are at point zero with them, you better put some real effort. you can try RSD tyler's program... .