Unsure about my girlfriend killing herself. Opinions?

So my girlfriend Jay went offline for good on the 23d of September. She hasn't been on since, and her friends (and me) are really worried. I assume worst case scenario, but how would you guys analyze the situation?


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  • She is probably taking a break from social media.

    • No but I mean she went completely offline. Not even her best friend has seen her since. Plus, if she did she would've told us.

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    • I met her once, went to NY for a day with her. Money went 300-0 real quick! But yeah for the most part we kept it online.

    • If most of her friends and you are mainly online... she either decided she wanted to just get rid of her online social life with you guys and move on.
      OR she attempted suicide and it failed and she has been admitted in a place where she will get help.
      ORRRR it didn't fail.
      Honestly, I guess you won't truly find out until either she or someone close to her contacts you guys about it.

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  • Do you care?

    • Are you kidding me? I love her to bits, of course I care!

    • If you care, why have you not been to her door since 23 September?
      That was a tad more than a month ago.

    • She doesn't live around here anymore, she moved