Very sensitive one little remark triggers anxiety and stomach aches?

So I've been trying my hardest not to little things hurt me. So today I felt a little down but I was faking smiles and laughs til right now me and my sister, and my brother's girlfriend went to Mcdonald's. When we left there was some homeless guy in sweats and a jacket. It's really cold out and 2 cops were standing over him and I'm like that's fucked up. I don't know I know how cops tell homeless to leave and sometimes arrest them. Then my brother's girlfriend was like "Okay, I know you think the world is a happy place and stuff but that scares people. There's girls working here. They shouldn't be sleeping in public." and that really hurt me and now my stomach hurts and I feel anxious. I don't like when people tell me stuff like that. How do you stop being so sensitive? My heart is killing me. I feel so bad for homeless people and I hate the world I live in. I wish people weren't so cold hearted.

When she said that I just stopped talking. I never stand up for myself. That's probably why people constantly hurt me. I just sat there in silence even though I felt like saying "well where else are they supposed to sleep? The streets are their home."

Is anyone else this sensitive to the point they feel psychically hurt inside and the the point where they actually throw up and start shaking?

  • I'm really sensitive like that too.
  • She is a bitch don't listen to her.
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  • She is a bitch don't listen to her.


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  • You need to get into therapy so that you can be a functional human being.

    • i know i suffer from anxiety and depression so little things i take to heart

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    • i've been abandoned by people who were supposed to care for me and i know so well what its like to have no one to run or someone that cares for you. so seeing people that are homeless and people that don't care about them hurts me more. i get upset by little things people say that are hurtful. i can't take peoples harsh comments. like keep them to yourself or don't say anything at all

    • OP did I say "Please tell me your life story!" or did I say "Go get help for your problem"?