Would God support a political party such as Republicans for being allowed to express racism within their party? What's your views on this one?

Would God support a political party such as Democrats for being allowed to support abortion and late term abortions? What's your views on this one?

This question is strictly for Christians who are a Republican
Would you call this Christian like to support a Republican political candidate such as Donald Trump who has threatened to ban Mexicans, ban Muslims
he makes fun of disabled people, he shows disrespect to women?


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  • God woukdnt support wither one over the other...


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  • God doesn't exist any more than Santa Claus exists.

    • Yeah but that doesn't answer my question

    • I guess I don't spend a lot of time contemplating what fictional characters "think."

  • who says it's only republican's that are racist? i don't know what planet you come from, but around Earth both parties are racist.

    • Yeah but the cat got your tongue

    • not really. i'm not sure where you came up with that conclusion. maybe you need to step off the computer and into reality for a minute.

    • Lol thats the problem with political parties clowns only accept the good from their side and pretend there is no bad
      Democrats are just as bad as republicans

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  • As a Christian, I absolutely refuse to back any Democrat running for office since their platform is nearly 100% at odds with Christian beliefs. 4 years ago, they litetally voted God out of their platform during the D convention. They seem to specifically get a kick out of making it a point to state how their agenda goes against any organized religious beliefs.

    That said, I still have a difficult time punching the vote for many Republicans. I've long since realized my true citizenship is not on this planet, although I do live in the US. Like it says in the Bible, "we're in the world but not 'of' the world." His judgement is coming. Fear not, the one who can destroy the body only, but the One who can destroy the soul!

    • An update to what was added in the orig Q.

      Would i call it Christian to support Trump and his ban on certain groups entering the country? Absolutely! Trump's comments have been completely taken out of context by the media.

      Trump never said to permanently ban anyone (except criminals). There's a right and wrong way to immigrate to America. Just walking across our borders, illegally entering the country, and coming here to foment some type of Jihad are NOT the way. If we can't control our borders, we don't have a country! It's irresponsible as a leader NOT to take care of its people, by not taking the steps to protect its citizens.

      I believe Trump is correct in stating those steps and stating he'll do what's necessary to protect us. The media has waayyyyy over mis-stated what he said and purposely taken his comments out of context.

  • Sure. If you read the bible carefully, you will see that God loves racism (and he's also quite into slavery). So no problem there...

    • You can downvote my opinion but that just means I know the bible better than you.

  • I don't think God cares either way even if it does exist

  • that which does not exist cannot support anything

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