Am I wrong for asking him to unfriend his baby momma on Facebook, take down Her pictures, and stop tagging her in the kids photos?

My boyfriend got a girl pregnant before we were together. 6 months later the baby is here and both of us were unaware. Of course we've had fights about it. But now I'm blocked on all social media while she is on his Facebook, he has taken pics of them together, and now tags her in all of the baby's photos. We are working on things but i find it embarrassing that she's even on his fb and I'm blocked. He says she's not in his life at all and they are just co parenting. If she's not in his life then it should be easy to delete her and she can call or text if she needs something for the baby... I don't understand why she needs to be on Facebook.

Let me clarify. Yes I'm hurt but his kids do come first and i would never want to get in the way of his relationship with his children. This question is about the mother. Why can't he send her pics in private and not on display for everyone. He can post pics of the kid but stop tagging her. Why does she need to be on his Facebook tracking his life? If something is needed for the baby or if there is a moment she can call or send a text. Im not getting in the way of them parenting.


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  • You can't be the person who destroys his chance to have a relation with his children. Obviously he can be more or less understanding of the position it puts you in but I hope you understand that to any parent, kids should always come first. Don't ruin that kid's life.

    • I don't want to get in their way of parenting. I'm actually the person who always says kids come first. I'm just having a hard time understanding why she needs to be on social media when we all have a phone.

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  • They have a kid together. They will always be in one another's lives. You either need to accept that or leave the relationship.


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  • Aren't they... his kids too? "Her kids". XD

    • She has multiple lids and baby daddy's. They have one. He has another child with someone else and we all have a good relationship.

    • And you want to be apart of this circle... Fuck it.

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  • Yes, I think that's wrong. You shouldn't be blocked on social media but there's nothing wrong with them having pictures together and there is 100% definitely nothing wrong with him tagging her in the baby photos - she's the child's mother, for fucks sake, y'know? She should be able to see photos of her own baby and it is essential that the parents have contact with each other so they can do what's best for the child. The only thing he should do differently is that he should unblock you.

  • I understand that they have a child together, so it is very important (and necessary) to have some type of contact (for the best of the baby). But apart from that, you are totally right. First of all, if you are his actual girlfriend, why being blocked? I cannot understand it... And of course it is very weird uploading photos with her and seeing her tagged in all of the baby's photos... And in the end, if she doesn't exist in his life she shouldn't exist in his photos and tags on Facebook. And if it is important for them being friends on Facebook so to have some type of contact, that's ok, but only till there. Nothing to do with photos and tags.

    • Thank you for your reply. I just don't understand why they need to be friends on social media when we all have phones... they can't call and text about the baby... they already do..

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    • I wish that was it. They see each other on a daily basis bc he really wants to be a part of this child's life. I support that and am proud that he's doing the right thing. But this social media is over board and i can't wrap my head around it.

    • I can understand you... Have you ever talked to him about your feelings for the whole situation of the social media?

  • maybe talk to him and tell him how you feel perhaps he's just tagging as he wants to see pictures of his child