Why would a guy not answer my message?

We've been messaging each other on a daily basis for months; lately we have kind of not been talking as much as we used to, but being completely ignored is new to me. He read the darn message, a reply, however, has yet to be heard.

Does anyone know why he's acting like that? Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.



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  • I feel like a dick for saying this, bur maybe he's just lost interest

    • But we're literally just friends with no prospect of ever becoming anything else.

    • Yes but even so, there is still the chance that you either inadvertently offended him in someway, or that he just ended up finding you tedious

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  • Burn out, maybe found someone else to message? Maybe his phone is broke? Maybe he is busy? Try the phone, it works wanders when you actually want to hear someone's voice... if he doesn't answer or get back to you in a few tries, move on don't sweat, life is short!


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  • My girlfriend does this to me all the time. I'm used to it. I haven't heard from her since Friday. But I'm ok with it.

    • At your age, chances are your girlfriend had a hear attack is now dead in her apartment.

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    • Oh yucks

    • Lol. Wow. Why would you care who I date? Why would you care that she likes me? You're close minded. I'm not trying to bait you, though. I replied to your question honestly. So we can have an adult conversation, or we can just stop. That's up to you. I'm open to either.

  • He's got a life to live he only has 1400 weekends left


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