Do you think other women understate how important facial attractiveness is in men?

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  • Somewhat, as humans we tend to judge everything by how it looks, not just what's on the inside. However, some women may look beyond that and even if you aren't all that attractive if you have a personality that attracts her then looks can be almost replaced.


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  • Boris Yeltsin.

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  • It's been shown that women are more in love with the idea of the male than the actual male himself. When they look at a male they have already preformed your personality and life experience base on how you dress, walk, and look.

    Many women think they care about personality but studies have shown a woman's perception of you have a good personality is influence by how you look, how much money you have and whether other people perceive you as a good person.

    So what i'm getting at is facial aesthetic is VERY IMPORTANT FOR MEN. A guy like this could get away with doing a lot of shit to girls yet still be perceived as a great guy by them because he has nice face.

    While another guy could have a below average face and be respectable to them but a little flirty and they label him a monster.

    This is why THE WORD CREEP is such a fucking joke. More often than not it's use by women to shame guy's they find unattractive for even daring to approach them which has resulted in many men not approaching women these days and some women complaining of lack of approach.

    This video may be a parody but its very much true about female behavior when it comes to looks.

    • Frustrating, yes, but is it really all that surprising for this behavior to come from immature girls, and guys too? Think of the last fight you saw, the victor usually emerges less scarred than the loser, hence the insult. Or in a hunting sense, hunters who came back unscathed with spoils apparently had the best chance of going out again to return with more. In today's world, though, an unscarred guy is often one who doesn't do s*** (parasite who lives off the sacrifices of other men), or a guy who flights more than he fights, or a guy who fights with his mind (clever). You see an overweight girl and think she can't take care of herself, but some large women can f***ing cook up a storm and it's like, I don't mind the curves, I get it. Either way, getting to know the person with an open mind is the next logical step and a key component. Looks are merely a starting point. Making decisions based solely on looks is a roll of the dice for either gender. It takes work.