If someone is being unfair to you do you speak up?

So I've gotten into a confrontation twice this week because people were being rude, I wasn't physical with them. One lady pushed me telling me to move out the way, another lady is asking me to fight because I spoke up about something she did. I'm starting to realize maybe I shouldn't say anything anymore.


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  • Ofcourse.. there is no place for modest/weak people on earth.


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  • It really depends on the situation.

    If it's at work, I try to remain professional and ignore the behaviors that I may dread.
    But if the person is crossing the line I have to nip the problem in the butt.

    Outside of my work place,
    I speak up for myself and I'm not one to be messed with.
    I would love if someone wanted to fight!
    I'd tear them to pieces with my words.
    My fights never go beyond verbal.


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  • Maybe. Depends.

  • I had sex with ten of my female coworkers, who was stressed out on work

    • what does this have to do with anything

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    • fuck off sir

    • @2Hothothot kk bye bruh sorry for hurting your feelings

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