When do you think is the right time to get a puppy?

I have been thinking about this for a good 2 years. Use to have a dog but unfortunately passed away at the age of 15 years old. Asked my parents about getting a puppy before (because I live with them) and they said it was fine however I must pay for everything and take responsibility for the puppy and must remain outside at all times. I am getting a part time job sometime soon but usually at home most of the time studying and do have time to exercise the puppy everyday for a good hour or so. Just wanted a companion to keep me company and go for long walks with!

Wasn't sure about the amount of money that needs to be put towards a dog per year (guessing $1000+ a year), not only that but obedience training and having patience in training the dog basic commands such as sit and stay.
Any tips about raising a puppy? Thanks!


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  • On one hand, you could adopt a dog that is already house trained and nuetered, etc. That would be more financially reasonable and easier on you. Compared to a puppy that would be more expensive (depending on if you go directly to a breeder or not), whom you'd have to crate train and house break. Adoption usually costs far less up front than buying a purebred or mix from a breeder. And if it is house broken and trained it will be easier on you.

    But since you are asking specifically about puppies. There are a few things you must understand and make sure you can do while its in its young years. Will you or your family be able to be around for him/her all day? Puppies need to go out every two or so hours, and eat three times a day. So if you're in school will someone be around to care for him/her until you get back. An then there is training, etc. etc. And pet insurance is a bitch..

    I'll save you the sob story that occurred with my pup. But you need to make sure that if you're not around someone will be to take care of the pup.

    What kind of pups are you looking at?

    • As I mentioned in the question; I am usually home majority of the time. Looking for work atm part time only. And I am looking into attending campus at my local university however that will only be for maybe 2-3 hours a day depending on how long lectures go for.
      I am looking into an American staffie as they are quite friendly and pretty active, which is what I am looking for. Want a dog to go hiking with on weekends as well as the beach. Have looked at a few ads for them but am waiting until my family vacation is over.
      I know Ill definitely have time to train and care for the puppy :)
      Do you have any other tips for looking after one? Anything is appreciated!

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    • Well i put a ton of research into it and found a breeder of a golden retriever nearby. This was a few years back but I got it before my last year of uni. I was going to commute from home so I could be around for him. I paid $1800 for him and I found out that he had a heart murmur, stomach was pressed up against his abdomen... and it would be $2500 to get testing to see if he would out grow it. I had no insurance for pets so I couldn't afford it. I made the difficult decision to return him to the breeder on the last day of 14 day grace period. I have always thought about him (Jasper) and wondered if he is still alive.

      Oh shit that is horrible!! I am so sorry *insert name* :(

    • Wow !! Thought most breeders would make sure they breed top dogs, make sure they are healthy and have minimal risk of injuries or illnesses. Lucky you could return your pup, most breeders are reluctant to take back a pup once they have been sold. Sorry to hear that about your pup :/ Must of been devastating to let him go..

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  • Will it be adopted from the ARL or a shelter? That will be *so* much less expensive.

    On your own, getting a puppy (outside of an animal shelter) will be expensive.

    Puppies here, in general, run around $60 just for them. Not even a special breed.

    You'll need to take them to the vet. Depending on what they need, you could easily spend $600 in the first 6 mos of owning the puppy. Flea shots, worm medicine, check-ups, getting spayed (runs around $300).

    Then, the food, leash, harness, play/chew toys (they chew through them SO fast, you'll want at least 7 to start with).

    - IF they chew up furniture, clothing, shoes, etc. $$$

    - Treats, if you get any.

    & If they're not already potty trained is a big one...
    You'll have to pay for training classes. Depending on where you go they could be "decent" or expensive.

    My puppy went to 6 classes and it was a little over $100 per training class. They were an hour each. BUT she doesn't chew shoes anymore, listens, and is conditioned to the clicker when I teach her something new.

    - - - When you have time. Because, they jump on you, are FULL of energy. You'll probably want a dog that's 2+ years.

    Mine is just over a year and after running with her for 45-60 minutes, she takes a 30 min nap and is ready to go all over again. It's never ending and she constantly wants attention. <3 But, I wouldn't give her up for the world.

    • Thank you for an informative answer! Might plan on getting one next year when I am off vacation (going away for 2 weeks in January), however after that will have time to look after the puppy! Have looked around online at different ads for puppies and there have been afew that have caught my eye but need to know their behaviour and what they are like first.
      How long do these puppy classes take and what do they teach exactly?

    • Mine had hers twice a week for 3 weeks and they'd go just a little over an hour.

      I had help with locating the trainer in my area through family.

      The trainer we used, we looked for specifically so that they'd train her for what we needed. Main reasons she went was: Chewing on shoes, issues with barking at my brother (took TWO classes b. t. w.), listening to commands that she already knew, and not barking at strangers.

      I called them "classes" but they were one-on-one sessions.

      It might be different in your area. Trainers might be less expensive or cost more. Sometimes PetCo (Petsmart?) has training classes/sessions but I don't know anything more than that.

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  • I couldn't lock my dog up outside... I think that is too inhumane... plus that could lead to more trouble with ticks, etc.

    Bigger dogs need more food. You also have to worry about health issues that certain breeds have. (wrinkly skin dogs.. have skin issues, so do blue pits), Bulldogs and other stub nose dogs have breathing issues.. bulldogs can also have skin issues.

    Long hair dogs are messier with shedding. Husky's and some other cold weather dogs, don't do well in hot summer heat... since you would be leaving it outside. Short hair dogs would have issues with winter... would need a nice dog house.

    As for money for shots, spade/nuteuring, and tick control, leashes/collars, chew toys, bedding, bowls. A big dog can easily eat more than $100/month.

  • When you are married and have a house. Or whenever if you live near your parents.

    • It will take me literally 10 years to get a house lol Im only 19 and I want to do so much more with my life before I think about buying a house. Once you have bought a house most of your money goes towards paying off the mortage!

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    • Hmm true.. thank you for the insight! Do you know how airport customs can be with pets? I have a friend who travels back to his country every year and he takes his dog with him, suppose its different everywhere?

    • It can be hard to bring a dog across a countries boarder. I don't know the exact rules though. It's not easy, I think. But I don't know. I only know about interstate travel with my dog.

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  • I would say get one from the shelter because those puppies need to love and that you should definitely get one they are great you can get a calm one even that doesn't need as much work but with a part-time job and studying you should be able to train your puppy and keep them happy and provide for him

    • Have been looking at shelters but Im worried about whether or not they have bad behaviour or have been brought up in a bad way. Some can be quite aggressive and hard to train them out of old habits

    • the people working there should be able to tell you how they act and you can decide if that behavior is alright with you but most dogs shouldn't be a problem and the workers will be aware of the ones that are

    • Okay, thanks! Much appreciated!

  • something you should consider is how long you plan on living at home. Are you going to go away to school? Move into your own apartment? You definitely can't bring the dog to a dorm room, and many apartment buildings don't allow pets (or it's more expensive to rent a place that allows pets). So if you're thinking of moving out in the next few years, keep that in mind.

    • True.. thanks for the perspective!

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