Why do I have the urge to look into his eyes?

This may seem I don't know idiotic or something but there's this guy. There's something about him. When he look at me I can't seem to look away.. When he's in the same room as me. I have to fight really hard not to look at him. Now I don't believe him to be exceptionally hot. He's good.. He's alright but nothing special. So why do I feel like I'm electrified everytime I catch his eyes.. I believe it's the same with him cause he stares at me like a weirdo also.. (just like me)
What's wrong with us? attraction isn't like that. Attraction is not like that. I'm not attracted to him and he isn't attracted to me..
Oh god. Please help. I fear I might someday vomit or pass out in his presence..
He isn't even that hot. Seriously.


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  • Does he have a rare eye colour, green or grey, or perhaps electric blue?

    • Nope. Muddy brown. But he's got girls eyes.. Like you know big innocent ones. He looks a bit douchey but he's got good eyes but then again they aren't special :/

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  • i am smiling. You sound like me a few years back. What you are experiencing is the shy or nervous person mating dance. He likes you. I HAVE AN 80 TO 20 chance of being right. I would bet my 80 that he really does find you attractive.

    • he actually doesn't seem to nervous at all. He stares and stares and just keeps on staring.. At least like 15-30 secs..

    • confidence around friends is differen

    • confidence around friends is different to confidence around the person you like. he may not seem nervous to you but he could be a bit anxious pertaining to speaking with you. when i went through this a few years ago i thought i was obsessed with someone who did not know i existed. he was always around and we were always looking at each other. when we became close i learned that we were both constantly trying to show up where we knew the other would be.

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  • The eyes are the windows to our souls, but maybe he has that vampire stare

    • What actually is 'vampire stare'?

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    • No.. But I read the book..

    • I guess because I'm so much older than you I've seen a lot of old movies

  • sounds like ur just a weirdo

    • But I don't even do that with everyone man

  • Because his nose is too big?

    • you're not funny.
      Like at all.

    • 😬😁😃

    • I haven't noticed his nose actually though haha

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