Should I go trick or treating with friends or family?

So this is my last year trick or treating because I'm getting way too old for this lol
Every year I always go with my family, I get candy with my two nieces. My niece is 2 this year and it will be her first year actually understanding what trick or treating is. And I kinda want to be there to see that

My friends asked me to go with them. I've never been with friends before. And I think I would be more comfortable because I would be with people my own age, because when I'm with my nieces I would feel too old.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Go with your friends. You always go with family so you should change it up for your last time. You can always take out your baby nieces next year, you don't have to trick or treat but just walk with them.


What Girls Said 1

  • both family first than meet up with friends halfway through and you get double candy