Whats a good place to?

I'm 16 and home schooled I want to know where to find kids my own age and how to get boys to notice me?


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  • Don't know about finding kids your own age but to get guys to notice you just stay healthy and dress nicely. Guy standards don't seem to be very high.

  • under there

    • What?

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    • Well Ned great joke.

    • @Ephemera1
      Thank you. But holy shit did that take awhile. Whatever, on to the next one.

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  • The mall. There are a lot of cute boys there.
    The skate boarding park, if you are into cute skater guys.
    I honestly prefer the mall. I can't the last time I went. Lol
    I am home schooled as well.

    • I don't even know if we have a skate park

    • And I do go to the mall but I don't see anyone my age