1: Worst death dream? 2: How many times do you die in your sleep per month?

I get killed in my dreams about 5-8 times a month. I'm suprised I ever fall asleep. Woke up after 2.5 hours tonight, after getting held down and having my throat cut. It's always crazy. It always feels real. Like, I have no idea what getting my neck arteries slashed open feels like, but I'm pretty sure it feels something like it felt in my dream, which is very strange. That a sensation I've never felt before could feel so realistic. This confusing, sudden lack of pressure and after a moment a gushing blood fountain spurting out of my neck. The biggest thing is I've been injured severly before. And it's exactly like that.

You have no idea you're bleeding profusely until you see the blood or feel light headed. You think it's like especially warm rain or something warm is falling on you. Like it's inconceivable that your blood could possibly be on your outsides.

So I have no idea that is happening, lying on my stomach on the cold, moist ground until I realize there's a man on top of me and my vision is fading, and I get groggy. I wonder what's happening until I feel the warm liquid slowly expanding beneath my body, sticking to my skin, and the realization hits me. And I start to recognize this lack of pressure in my neck for what it is: blood spurting out of my neck. But then it starts to feel kinda good. And I resign myself to death, to floating away into peace. But then I realize what I'm doing and fight for consciousness. Then I wake up. Hell if I'll sleep again tonight.

Mostly I'm shot and stabbed. I imagine it feels *exactly* like it did in the dream. LIke being set on fire. But, I've also been eaten by dragons and arcane missiled to death. Gotta give dreams credit. I don't know why I want to tell other people.

  • 0 times you fucked brah
  • 1-2 times
  • 3-5 times
  • 5-8 times
  • 8-10 times.
  • More than 10 times a month. (I know that feel bro)
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  • I've had dreams where i was killed but it's been a while. But if i could recall how msny times honestly like about 3 times maybe more i don't really remember that well.


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  • I can't even remember my dreams unless they are lucid, you are lucky in a way :(

    • I dont know about that. :-X