How are you holding up with this clown bullshit?

i have extremmmmme phobia from clowns , like unimaginable phobia they freak me out so much even if it is just a picture or so i would like faint or something they just creep me ever since i was like 5-6 in friend's parties i would always cry and hide if i see a clown and then i stopped going to birthdays and after all these years (not many though i am just 17 😂) this killer clown BS starts trending i am so worried about this Halloween


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  • Halloween is gonna be a clusterfuck of madness. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives

    The truth of the matter is that more people have beaten the shit out of clowns than clowns even coming close to hurting anyone.


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  • I am Glad you are Aware of your Surroundings Here, dear and Yes... Fear.
    Even the Clown Association is Complaining because it is so Draining.
    Go out in a Group, don't walk Alone from home and no Clown Get ups, of course.
    Crazy Clowns in Towns like this give Good Bozos a Bad Name, Not the Same.
    Where have I head this Lingo Before?
    Good luck and Be Safe. xx

    • such a comforting comment thanks a lot <3

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    • "Think Conquer Fear, "dear. xxoo

    • Thanks for the Vot eof Confidence, and now somehow, clowns have calmed down in town. xx

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  • cops in my area put the kibosh on this quick. they made some threats to schools in the area and the cops arrested the perps. i think that scared any others from doing something similar

  • I haven't seen it yet in Ireland thankfully but maybe stay in over the Halloween season just to feel more comfortable

  • If one of these idiots would try to scare me I would tell them to fuck off or else they gonna get rekt.

    • yes seriously we all need pepper spray

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