Should the #WomanTax be a real thing?

I think every woman in the west (not including children until they reach 21) should pay tax which goes towards men.

This tax is needed because hundreds of millions on men throughout of history have fought for their countries whilst women were at home relaxing.

Men are protectors nd they protect women

The world is practically fully man-made (Okay let's not argue about this, we can all agree that the world was made by men)

Men have a shorter lifespan so women should have to pay tax to make it fair.

Guys and girls list more reasons why the #WomanTax should be a thing!

This isn't a troll post either, i believe this should be a thing.

This question isn't meant to be offensive by the way.
Anyone else?


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  • While I agree that it has been primarily a man made world, taxing a specific gender for a debt you feel they owe the other is ridiculous. While men were out fighting for their countries women did not sit around relaxing. Someone had to take care of the children, keep the house in order and other day to day struggles. As civilization progressed, the duties of a woman became more than just domestic chores.

    • Taking care of kids compared to fighting wars is nothing. As civilization progressed, the roles of men expanded

    • Spend 24 hours alone with a child before you toss out assumptions. Besides, that was not my point. If you invested time in the links I provided, you'd see that home tasks weren't the only things women did during war time. I am not a feminist, the movement sickens me most days, but in early times, women weren't even allowed to help, so we don't really know how much effort they could have added to the creation of civilization.
      Not all women sit around eating bon bons while men do all the work. Men and women are equal in the fact that they are both necessary for the progression of society. Just because their roles are different, it doesn't mean either is any more important than the other. Taxing a specific gender would open the door for taxing for other ridiculous reasons.

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  • Mmmm hmmmm. Let's do that. And then we'll just tax men for causing us to become pregnant.

    • Yes! First woman who agrees with the #WomanTax !!!

      A man tax isn't needed. Women and men both on a whole want a baby in the future, both sexes would have to be taxed in that case, it wouldn't make sense.

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    • Lol you're funny.

    • It's like watching a fly in a spider's web - He'll learn one day

  • why can't we all stop making gender an issue yet? this is just getting old.

    • A woman opened a pharmacy and she's making men pay 7% more than women. It's only fair.

    • Well that woman is an evil b*tch. That doesn't mean the rest of the world has to follow.

  • hahahahaha

  • gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

    • thanks m8 i r8 u 8/8 2

  • Why is there no option to filter out anonymous questions yet

    • I'm just stating my opinion, do you have any other reasons to add to the list?

    • I honestly don't care for women or men in the west. I'm still waiting for you all to pay back for all the damaged your militarise caused my country.

    • That's true, well i hope you get your payback one day :)

  • HM Your a whole new kind of STUPID! Pig! It's men like you that are the problem!

    • Why am i a pig? I'm just stating my opinion. I think this should be implemented.

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    • Your opinion is not only sexist it's just disturbing. People like you are part of the problem in this world. You may have stated " Don't mean to offend anyone" but hm with a statement like that... Seriously..

    • Okay, i'm sorry.

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