How would you improve your reputation on Google following a crime?

Let's say you committed a crime when you were younger and there's stories about it on Google.

What kind of stuff would you put on there to improve your reputation?


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  • You know, it's times like this when I'm glad that I basically have an un-Google-able name in that my parents picked a name that is shared by seemingly 200,000 other people.

    That said, is this stuff pretty bad? Have you thought about changing your name? It won't help you with employers, but if you're concerned about Google searches, you'd be greatly helped. If you have a favored username, stop using that and pick a new one. If you have a favored email address, also start using a new one. Use that new address everywhere (Facebook, LinkedIn) so that you can create a new online presence for yourself.

    I wish you luck.

    • The stuffs pretty bad. I don't want to change my name officially. I can make a fake Facebook, etc. But I still want to put good stuff for when people search my real name.

    • Oh I know. Changing your name officially is serious business. What about... I don't know. I keep thinking about what I'd do in your shoes because I have a really good career and live a pretty good life. I would probably go all out and move to another state and try to start a new life. If you don't want to change your name entirely, maybe start going by a middle name? Like if you're James Thompson, go by J. Robert Thompson or something? The thing is, it's impossible to get those Google results removed. They'll eventually expire but we're talking a long, long time here. Your name is the real problem and somehow creating a new online persona for you is the best way to get around those searches and that means a different name or at least a different location.