Im worried Im crushing on my roomie, how to end it before gets ugly?

Im worried I might be developing some sort of crush on my roomie and im not sure what to do.

I wasn't attracted to him when i first met him, like at all, then I got to know him and he is an awesome guy. All my roomies are great, but espeically lately we have been hangig out more than ever. I have also noticed that in some poses he looks good, and im not really attracted to him either in a way.

But he and a third roomie had a thing for about 2 months, he wanted a relationship, she was insecure and would "break up" on a day to day basis. It was a mess, but he finally said stop and I have really noticed it by the way they interact.

I dont even know what to do at this point, Im not going to do anything about it, but im worried it evolve to something that won't end well. Any advice?


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  • If it is a crush, no problem, just use him as masturbation material, if it is more, how do you think he feels?
    Or fuck him, and see how it goes, with no commitment, unless you both decide you want it!
    The main thing is that you need honest communication, any relationship should be based on mutual trust, honesty and respect, as well as desire!

    • I dont know what he feels, he has expressed that he finds my physically attractive but in the past he has tried to set me up with other guys.

      Im not going to fuck him, i won't be acting on it. I dont even know if its a crush or not, but sometimes i can catch myself almost getting jealous of seeing him and our roomie hanging out.

    • Ok, the jealousy may be just that she is getting it, not from him necessarily, and you are not. Masturbation is the most natural, normal and healthy way to relive tension. If you orgasm it also should satisfy your feelings of jealousy.

    • I masturbate a lot, so its not really the fact that im horny, but that she is getting his attention i think.. i not even sure anymore

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  • My advice is don't shit where you eat.

    • like i mentioned, im not going to do anything or act on it

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  • My best advice is that if he already had a relationship with a roommate that went really badly, chances are that he wouldn't want to get himself in a similar situation again. Also, try meeting new guys so you get your mind off of him.

    • I agree 100%, besides the fact that he already fucked my roomie its the fact that we are roomies that is hindering me in acting on it. I meet new guys regulary, im just rarely into them so thats obviously an issue for me

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    • yeah, sometimes when all of us four roomies are just hangig out in the kitchen I have catched him looking at me even when I wasn't saying anything. It just makes it worse, that the fact that I know he finds me attractive and that he is one of the only people who actually invites me to things. He also makes me laugh and he appriachiate the fact that i can cook and my drawings. But its not like im really into him or anything, im pretty sure that if i met someone else I won't even be thinking about him

    • well then, you know exactly what to do, find someone else. The grass is greenest where you water it.

  • don't do it
    try to date other people
    think of the bad things about him

    • I just said I wouldn't do anything. I would date other people and i want to, but finding a date is quite hard for me

    • well until you do don't spend so much time together

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