What car should I buy?

i am confused between 3 cars
1-dodge challenger
2-mercedes 350c
3-audi a5


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  • The Mercedes and the Audi would probably require premium fuel and the insurance would be high. If you can afford those cars, I'm assuming you can afford to feed and insure them. Personally, I'm a cheapskate and am always thinking about the recurring cost over time.

    For years I was enamored with Audi's. But after owning a VW Golf turbo-diesel and having VW of America refuse to honor the warranty when I needed it, I wouldn't touch an Audi with a three meter pole. (VW AG owns Audi and several other brands for those who don't know). I will admit that the Audi A5 is a gorgeous automobile.

    My two favorite cars were Chrysler products, but the company's reliability today is very suspect, if you care about those things. The same for Mercedes in general.

    It may not be the most exciting, but if I had the money I would consider a Toyota Avalon. Classy, reliable, comfortable, and uses regular fuel.


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  • audi a5

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