Need to apologise, but how?

So ended up upsetting the guy I like. He was being super nice and wanted to know what was wrong with me as I wasn't in a good mood. As I wasn't in a good mood and stressed out I kept saying nothing at the end told him to leave 😩 He said he knows when he's not wanted and left. I've been feeling extremely guilty about it 😞 I'm going to see him again on Monday, just need advice on how to apologise and what to do/ say.
ps: I'm not very good at apologising, not something I've had to do before


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  • "Hey, you caught me when I was really down. Sometimes I just need to be left alone, but I'm sorry I told you off."

    Would that work?


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  • "I'm really sorry for being so irritable the other day. I appreciate you wanting to help but I just didn't want to talk about it, but still I shouldn't have snapped at you."


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  • I'd just tell him that you're in a bad mood, and that you didn't mean it.

  • Just be honest and straight forward... the only way to apologize. No excuses and just the facts.


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