What does creepily honest mean?

A friend of mine posted that he misses seeing hungover people on Halloween at his old college. I commented on his status saying "I miss seeing women in their "slutty" costumes". He said "it's creepily honest".

I only told the truth, so, why is it still considered creepy?


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  • It's probably because most people wouldn't come right out and admit that, he might have found it creepy or uncomfortable reading your post, but that's probably all he meant by it.


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  • It's cringe-worthy level of honesty.
    The kind of things you say that make people feel uncomfortable to deal with.

    • But it's honesty, isn't that what everyone wants?

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    • Then explain trump

    • Not that I agree with him by any means by the way... but Trump gained momentum for breaking traditions, in a time where everyone choose to be Politically correct, came a presidential candidate going against the norm... Politicians are known to spin the truth and never give a definitive answer but Trump told people what they wanted to hear, he was blunt and people believed his fantasies. Even though he has no way of achieving a lot of his goals.