Should I learn to fix my car myself and do my own repairs?

I just brought a 2003 Hyundai its my first car and my starter car i paid $650 for it. The car will need new brakes soon and 3 other small things need fixing. 1. Needs a new radio 2. Gear shift lights need to be replace the bub is died. 3. Right side windown does not roll up. Other then that the car runs very smoothly for its age i had a few friends look at it. Pss i wasn't expecting muvh for $650


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  • Sure, things like radios and lights aren't difficult but I'd leave brakes and mechanical stuff to the experts.


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  • It's a really good thing to know how to repair cars. You'll need to start getting some tools which will pay for themselves over time. Good tools should last a lifetime, but you'll occasionally break or lose some. Don't get cheap tools, get at least mid grade.

    Whether you should try brakes depends on how mechanically inclined you are. They are not the easiest thing to start with, but if you pay close attention how things come apart you can do OK. Take pictures of stuff before you take them apart, and periodic pics part way through the disassembly. Things usually, but not always, go back together in reverse order they were taken apart.

    It helps tremendously to have a manual for the car. I don't know where you are or what's available, but I like Haynes manuals the best. Real factory shop manuals are the best but too expensive. You should be able to find a used Haynes online for a few dollars. Or just buy a new one, they aren't that expensive.

    You learn to work on cars just by doing it. You'll slowly learn more, collect more tools, and get more confident. Don't get overwhelmed by looking at too much of the car at once. Focus on the area where you are doing the repair and ignore the rest. Pay close attention as you take things apart. Think about what you are doing and try to understand what every part does. Stay organized. Stay clean - dirt and grit can do a lot of damage.

    There are youtube videos for most repairs. There are also online resources. My local library has a subscription to the online version of Chilton's manuals.


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  • Those are all easy fixes so give it a go.

    • I have the money to pay someone else to fix them but i don't wanna be depends on it and would rather do my own repairs.

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    • just look up how to fix things and they'll tell you everything you need

    • Thank u man

  • Yes.