How can I be more outgoing in college?

hello everyone! So i dont really consider myself fully shy but there are times where I am talking to new people and I find myself blushing or getting embarrased/shy etc... College is a place where I can "feel new again" and change whatever i want to change since no ones knows me!

I want to be super friendly and outgoing! I want to talk to boys without getting shy because lots of times boys have came up to me but i was too embarrased to talk to them so they went away... Its so annoying!!!

So if anyone has tips on how i could be outgoing and start this "new me" that would be great!!!


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  • Don't try to put on this mask of friendly person. It will make you feel phoney and you have to uphold this personity. Follow these
    1. Speak honestly
    2. Don't judge
    3. Be respectful
    4. Be yourself
    5. Dont spend gossip
    You should attract people vased on these


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  • If you are shy to the point where you can't talk to people you need to just start talking to people and eventually you will get more comfortable with it.

  • Join some shit and you'll be fine. It's ridiculously easy and you learn quickly not to give a shit

  • Start sucking dick


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