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So this year I started going to a university. I am struggling very badly! I study I do the homework but yet my grades are suffering! It's as if I never even studied or as if I am not trying! It's so annoying all my grades right now are C's I really wanted to do Pharmacy. But how can I with such suffering grades!


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  • Wow, I'm in the same boat as you! I'm studying Accounting and it's kicking my ass right now. For me, all of my teachers have advised me that despite the struggles there is still time to change things for the better since I'm about a little over half way through the semester. I'm not sure about your semesters but I still have at least 1 more exam and the final to look forward too. I've just set up 1 on 1 meet ups with my teachers this upcoming week to see what I can do to help. I've decided to start cramming at least 2 weeks prior to the next exam and re-read over all my homework and stuff. I'm probably gonna have to take my tough Accounting class over next semester unless I can manage a couple of B's or A's on the next exam (which I'm still holding out for), but I think the meet up with my teachers will help me salvage the semester. I suppose if none of this helps I'd speak with your academic adviser and teachers and seek advice on your career choice/major. Explain your situation in great detail and seek their opinion on what you can do to either succeed in this major or possible switch to something at the very least related to Pharmacy, but not exactly Pharmacy if that makes since? Regardless of what you decide try not to stress over it, trust me I've been stressing over this a lot this month but I'm learning to look forward and do what I can to improve from here on out.

    • Yeah I'm halfway through the semester as well! Struggle this year for sure ! I know that I am not going to give up I still try to put my best foot forward. I could understand if I was out partying and not studying. But I am not I an actually trying and still somehow making savage ass grades! I just hope a miricle can pop up and help me! Or else I'm completely doomed!!

    • It's crazy how tough things can be. You try, try, and try again and still aren't getting the results that equal the work your putting in? I'm meeting up with pretty much all of my teachers this week and I advise you to at least mention something to them about how you can start getting B's and possible A's on exams and other assignments. I'm at the point where it's not how much time I'm putting in, but what am I studying during that time that's the difference. Hopefully we both will be in much better standings come the end of the year. Good luck and if you find that miracle could you pass it on to me too lol

    • Hahaha of course!!! My semester is literally down to just the end of this month it's that close. I will end up with C's good bye pharm school ! Sucks now I'm looking for another MAJIOR ! (Screams good luck with everything!!!

  • Go part time less classes easier workload


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  • Honestly I just drop a course because I was fed up with it and I didn't want to do that career path anymore so advice to everyone:
    if you going to go to University make sure you do semesters that way it be easier then full year courses
    Have at lease 1 or 2 days off in the week to catch up
    and if you realize its too tough, you hate etc drop it quickly (and if you need it as a requirement you can take it in summer school)
    but every school is different
    if I was you I stick with it just planning your courses out better for next year so you wouldn't be that stress or switch to college and do something like pharmacy assistant if worst scenario occurs.