Would you say this costume is racist?

I'm pretty sure most of us will agree that a KKK Halloween costume is racist not to mention the event where a Walmart had the costumes but then later had to remove them... But what would you say about a Blank Panther one?

My sister has a Halloween party to attend and instead of spending money it'll be home made. Now I will admit that I was the one that suggestea Black Panther costume. Her hair is natural and is already afro and she has a lot of black clothes so I put two and two together and wallah! However now I'm second guessing my idea. I begun to think about the whole Walmart and KKK situation (as I mentioned above) and it made me question whether it's hypocritical, racist, or unfair?

So what do you think and please explain why 😊

  • Yes it's racist she shouldn't wear it 🙅
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  • No it's not racist she should wear it 👍
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  • Kind of... :/
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  • Yes it's racist but she can wear whatever she wants 🙌
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  • No it's not racist but she shouldn't wear it and play it safe 👎
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  • It depends largely on the intention the person has who wears them... it's only racist if he or she has the intention to make a racist gesture.
    And I'm quite confident your sis is okay from that perspective so if she'd like to wear it no issue I'd say :D :D

    • Thanks for the MH :D
      Hope Halloween was nice, with or without the costume :D

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  • I'm not sure about racist, but I can see how it could be, I guess. I don't know about hypocritical. Maybe, because they had their violent streak, but the kkk was kinda known for lynching black people and advocating for slavery, which I think kinda draws a line

    Or are you talking about this black panther? 🤔

  • I think people have gone all crazy when it comes to racism. I personally dont see how its racist at all. KKK for example IS a racist cult basically. Black panther is a comic hero. Say can't a black kid for example dress up as superman if he wanted to? is that suddly racist too now? Ridiculous really, since neither of these characters have anything to do with race.

    So yeah personally, dont find it racist at all.

    • Black Panthers are also a racist cult...

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    • Yeah not the hero the past group or cult as thisperson98 is referring to but she's certainly not aiming at literally being apart of it or anything like that. It's just a costume which is why I wondered what people's opinion was on it.

    • Really? if its like thisperson98 said, Racist cults are what people wanna dress up as these days? Did read up a little bit about them at least, but ya jeez, may started in an okay way, but sounds like kinda yes turned into a terrorist group or racist group. I dont get people, or society anymore. How old is this girl also?

  • KKK costumes are racist, thus a black panther costume is also racist.

  • How about people keep politics out of holidays?

    • Sorry I'm a bit confused do you mean it's a costume people can wear what they want don't over think it or this qualifies and and she shouldn't wear it?

    • People can wear what they want. But do we really need to ask ourselves if it is offending all the tine? I mean it is just a costume it is worn as a joke. People pretend as if these costumes are meant to make political statements. Its not political its supposed to be for fun. Costumes can never be racist because its a costume.

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