What would you choose. A hated well paying job or a dream job with terrible pay?

What would choose if these were the only choices you have:

* You have your dreams job.
The job is even better than in your dreams. You go happy to work every day and you are almost sad to go home when the working day is over. When the day s over you are full of energy. You have absolutely great colleagues, etc. But...
The job doesn't pay much. There is enough to pay the rent (for a very small apartment) and buy food so no worries there. But there is no money whatsoever for any sort of luxury. You cannot go out. Even a happy meal at McDonalds is too expensive

* You have a high paying job that you absolutely hate.
This job sucks the life out of you. You are depressed all the time. Your colleagues make the job even worse. Horrible people. At the end of the working day you are physically and mentally exhausted.
However the money is very good. You want a car? You can easily buy it. You can easily go to an expensive restaurant every day without worrying about money. You want a luxurious apartment? It's yours. Anything you can simply afford.

Saying "I'll take the bad job, save money, then quit and take a better job" is not an option. These are the only two choices you have.

Which situation would you choose? And why?

  • A very low paying dream job
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  • A hated job that pays really really well
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  • the dream job with low pay


Most Helpful Guy

  • Both of these things are true.

    I worked for a very high end clothing store as their receiving manager. I am talking $15,000 dollar leather jackets. NOTHING ever went missing that I didn't find, later.

    They came to me with a proposal, I would work all day, 7 days a week, but the salary started at $1,200,000 (One million, two hundred thousand dollars a year to START).

    At the time I was working with wolves, which did not pay anything at all.

    I turned them down. I would not have any time to spend with the big furry beasts and I loved them. I literally thought of one 240LB alpha male wolf who bonded to me, and how I'd never get to see him again if i took that job.

    I ended up leaving that job after being sexually harassed by a gay dude, and going to live with the wolves. I made nothing, and in fact, lost everything doing that, but it was one of the most rewarding things I had ever done, aside from feeding the hungry and homeless (Which also paid nothing. I remember having the same $20 bill in my pocket for 3 months, driving the food truck)

    I have worked jobs that I hate, and continue to do so today. Now you have met a guy who turned down a job he could do, starting at over a million dollars, because he loved something that paid nothing at all, aside from the heart of a creature he adored.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm in a well paying job I hate. It's not soul sucking (yet) but it's exhausting, frustrating and sometimes difficult to make myself go.
    But the company had good benefits I'll need over the next few years and the pay is high enough for me to get rid of my mortgage in 3 years instead of 20 and still do things I enjoy on the side. The benefits outweigh the negatives as this point but it's definitely not something I can do for the rest of my life


What Guys Said 4

  • You have to go for the high paying job. Everyone talks about finding a job that you love, but everyone knows what they love and it has nothing to do with working. It's like saying that you should buy a hammer that tastes like chocolate. You work so you can do what you really want to do in life.

  • It would be hard to turn down a great paying job because I could travel, buy random stuff, and eat out at different places a lot. But with that being said, being miserable for 8 hours out of the day is never good so I'll just take the pay cut for a dream job.

  • I've been there. I had a job which was paid very, very well. Like 4x average salary. I was there 7 years. Apart from money was getting slowly worse, that job really annoyed me after those years. So I decided to take another offer. For let's say average salary. So I get approximately 4x less than in previous job. That new one was the only one job in my live I really enjoyed. I love that place. Colleagues, place itself, brand of the company, making parties ready, etc etc. So I'm saying I would choose dream job for less money.

  • after time I may get promoted and way or another the money will come but being in a job that really sucks and give you depression not even an option