In my department nobody speaks English but me. Why do people not give a damn about learning English?

I study chemistry, which I actually regret that I've chosen this department on account of it being pretty damn hard. Anyway. We have a lesson called drug chemistry. And this lesson is in English. Speaking native language is forbidden in this lesson since this lesson is in English. The teacher of the lesson speaks English in this lesson. Nobody can speak English with the teacher of this lesson but me. I am the only one who speaks English in the class. Why don't people give a damn about learning English? I see not knowing English as deficiency, for this is the international language in the world.


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  • Well, English is not the official language in many countries. So, people are not obligated to learn it.
    And if they never left their country, and also are not planning on doing it, maybe learning English won't be useful to them.
    Plus, many people are not able to learn a foreign language, whether it's because they can't afford classes, they don't know how to read or write, or if it's a skill they lack.
    As you can see, there are many reasons to explain why some people don't care about learning English.
    And I don't think it's a deficiency. It's just a thing they didn't learn.

    • English is the only international language in the world.

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    • English is the most spoken foreign language on Earth. Accept it or not.

    • There's no point of arguing anymore, since we will always disagree.

  • You can't blame them , that's because of the education system in ur country.

    • That is up to the person. I myself watched a hell lot of English movies with English subtitles. I learnt most of things from movies but before movies, I'd studied a grammar book.

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