Housemate is pissed at me, what do I do?

So, I'm living in a house with 5 other girls, one of them is so lazy, she gets McDonalds 5 days a week and leaves the rubbish lying around for us to pick up, doesn't wash up, all the standard housemate peeves, then she invited 10 people round to stay the night and they were smoking in our kitchen and our contract says we can't.
I got angry when I came home drunk after going out for Halloween with two of the other housemates and told her she needed to sort her shit out and made the people who weren't staying over leave if they had been smoking in the kitchen (this was 4am and people were trying to sleep so I didn't feel too bad about that)
Now she says I'm mugging her off (London speak for being disrespectful for anyone who doesn't know) after I apologised for causing a scene last night in front of her friends and she still doesn't realise she was in the wrong at all.
what else can I do? I'm not interested in being her friend after this year but its definitely awkward right now


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  • What she eats is her problem. So is the laziness. But if she's not cleaning up after herself that affects you. People smoking in violation of the contract definitely puts you at risk. And having 10 people over to stay the night without letting you know at least a day in advance is super rude since it weighs on the common space unfairly. You can't just claim an entire room for the night without giving notice.

    Definitely apologize for the outburst. It was an overreaction. I'd also try to talk to the others to see if what your noticing is a problem to anyone but you. House meetings seem corny but with 6 people I'm sure everyone has something they need to say.


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  • You just need to be the mature adult in the situation. I've been there - all the small annoyances pile up until you just explode. That's what happened last night. Since it's already awkward, I think now is the time to talk about all those small things.

    Go to her and apologize again. Say: "I'm sorry for freaking out last night and causing a scene. I was drunk, which does not excuse my yelling, but the reason I freaked out is because those people were smoking which is a direct violation of our contract. I was worried if they were caught we would be fined or evicted." Hopefully with you expressing that extreme concern, she will start to understand that she was in the wrong (since she was the one who violated the contract).
    If she tries to brush that off with "we won't get caught" or "they wouldn't evict us," then you can say "Again, I'm sorry for exploding last night, but to be completely honest it wasn't just about the smoking. You've been leaving your trash around, not cleaning up, etc. etc." Then hopefully you can have a mature conversation about that and try to clear it all up.

    The important thing is for you to be calm and mature the whole time. I know that is tough since she sounds super annoying, but since you freaked out last night you don't want to freak out again. Let her be the immature one.