Is the worst feeling in the world not moving forward?

I'm so sad these days.

School is over, no job, no life. I just sleep all the time.

Am I depressed?


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  • Yes there are definitely days like that - Hopefully your fortunes will turn around soon

  • omg no how your feeling. Just hang in there, do an evening course, join a local club.


What Girls Said 1

  • I want you to read this and think about it:
    I don’t know what that dream is that you have.
    I don’t care how disappointing it might’ve been as you’ve been working toward that dream, but that dream that you’re holding in your mind,
    That it’s possible!
    That some of you already know.
    That it’s hard, it’s not easy.
    It’s hard changing your life.
    That in the process, of working on your dreams, you are going to incur in a lot of disappointment, a lot of failure, a lot of pain.
    There are moments when you’re gonna doubt yourself.
    You said God, why, why is this happening to me?
    I’m just trying to take care of my children and my mother, I’m not trying to steal or rob from anybody
    How does this have to happen to me?
    For those of you that have experience some hardships, don’t give up on your dream. The rough times are gonna come, but they have not come to stay, they have come to pass.
    Greatness, is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive, god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste.
    It’s something that truly exists, in all of us.
    It’s very important for you to believe, that you are the one.
    Most people, they raise a family, they earn a living and then they died.
    They stop growing, they stop working on themselves, they stop stretching, they stop pushing themselves.
    Then a lot of people like to complain but they don’t wanna do anything about their situation.
    And most people don’t work on their dreams, why?
    One is because of fear, the fear of failure, “what if things don’t work out”?
    And the fear of success, “what If they do and I can’t handle it”?
    These are not risk takers.
    You spent so much time with other people, you spent some much time trying to get people to like you, you know other people more than you know yourself, you studied them, you know about them, you want hang out like them, you want to be just like them.
    And you know what?
    You’ve invested so much time on them, you don’t know who you are.
    I challenge you to spend time by yourself.
    It’s necessary, that get the losers out of your life, if you want to live your dream.
    But people who are running towards their dreams, life have a special kind of meaning.
    When you become the ‘right-person’, what you do is you start separating yourself from other people you begin to have a certain uniqueness, as long as you follow on other people, as long as you being a 'copy-cat’, you will never, ever be the best 'copy-cat’ in the world, but you will be the best you could be,