What your favorite horror movie for Halloween? 👻 ?

Mine is IT, by Stephen King. Clowns seem to be my favorite.


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  • I think you mean by Tommy Lee Wallace, he wrote and directed the IT movie based on the book by Mr. King.

    As a beloved horror fan, I can't say I have any because the horror genre has taken such a downward spiral over the years I hardly care anymore. But, I'd opt in saying Sinister 1 is a good movie to watch, classic modern horror and a phenomenal soundtrack.

    • I agree. I'm so disappointed on the new movies they come up with. I'm always excited to see new "horror movies" and once I get the opportunity to watch them I'm disappointed.

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    • I actually own the book 😊
      & I would love to hear what you have in mind !

    • Sweet! My recommendations would be:
      1. Condemned: Criminal Origins Bloodshot (sequel)
      2. Dead Space, there are sequels but I've only played the 1st.
      3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
      5. The Suffering Ties That Bind (sequel)
      6. Cthulu: Dark Corners of The Earth
      7. Metro 2033
      8. F. E. A. R.: Extraction Point (and the DLC) Project Origin
      9 . Gears of War franchise (my favorite franchise), it's not a jaw-dropping horror game but it's sci-fi horror, military shooter and it has an amazing story.
      10. Resident Evil 5

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  • I really enjoy the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.
    along with the classic Nightmare on Elm st movies.
    I watched House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects earlier this evening.


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  • Keepers creepers 1&2

  • Halloween... not original. The Ghost and Mr Chicken.

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