Do your marks even matter after you graduate?

I went to a somewhat prestigious school where lots of people did super well.

I was just looking at photos of a ceremony held for top achievers. It made me wonder... does it even matter after the ceremony?

Just like that, everyone got the same degree regardless of marks and now have to live their life.

I don't mean to imply that the top achievers work is useless, far from it. They have something to be proud of for the rest of their life. That being said, after University, maybe one should stop thinking about University and marks?


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  • So the way that works is they matter as you ENTER the force but are worthless maybe two or three jobs in.

    • I don't even think two or three jobs in. Maybe the first job and that's all.

      I know people who graduated top of their class who are working jobs that don't require stellar grades... like marketing jobs. Which makes me wonder what their motivation was

    • Now that I think about it the field I am in really does matter for the first few meanwhile other fields may not. Basically they want to know if you suck and in my field that is reflected in your grades. You either get it or you don't.

    • Hmm.

      You know your field says you work in finance. As far as I know once you cross the A- range, I don't think they really care about your marks all that much.

      I would think a graduate who had a near perfect average an one that had an A- would be treated the same for the most part

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  • Yeah they do when you're in college and increase your chances of getting the job you're looking for.


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  • Lots of truth in that but there is a lot to be said for the sense of personal achievement

    • I agree. It's just that I used to think... it almost defines you in a way.

      I realize now how silly my train of thought was. After University, everyone is a person with a degree. No one is getting special treatment or put on a pedestal.

      If I could do University over, I would probably stress less about marks. I remember feeling very unhappy sometimes over the smallest of things, like getting a B instead of an A-.

      I realize the reason had more to do with me feeling as though if I didn't get those grades, I wouldn't be considered 'an equal' to some of the more top achieving students. Almost as though it was some kind of crime if I did average.

      Studying is important, but I don't think it should be looked at as if you didn't do it well to 'x' extent, you're nothing. I'd often feel that way

  • Fancy diploma won't get you job. If that's what you are asking


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