Why is GAG censoring unorthodox opinions?

Every time I make a comment on a controversial question, usually regarding politics or social issues, they get removed. For example, I recently made a comment replying to a post that asked whether or not women should be allowed to vote, and I agreed that they shouldn't, also stating that I don't believe in Democracy anyways. It got deleted. That's just one example.

I don't appreciate GAG's attempts to censor free speech, and people should be able to say what they want, regardless of severity (not that the things I say are severe at all).


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  • Because it is offensive to a whole denomination of people. But if you don't like it you don't have to use this site. Free will and all

  • Because it's against the rules. Plus, here you have different types of people and some of them might not like the comments they see.
    Plus, administrators and moderators are trying to make GAG a better website for everyone.


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  • Free Speech is between you and the government not you and a corporation.

    • Yes, but in order to have a good and healthy platform, freedom of speech is essential. I'm honestly saying this for their own good.

    • Even I disagree with that. There are many empty hateful statements that are made by persons and users including most made by myself that have absolutely no value. The same is true of many questions that may or may not be volatile in nature. I can see if this were a think tank perhaps but half the people here just keep asking how to suck dick.

    • I guess so. The level of questions/comments asked on this site are too degenerate and immature for free speech to even be a worthy component of any value. I agree with you to an extent I suppose.