How rude was she to say this?

I'll admit, I don't have the greatest grade ever in my Spanish class and I don't do too much of the homework. I'm also new to this school and it's difficult for me to catch up and learn what this class has already been learning. Nevertheless I pay attention in class and am respectful and come early to class everyday. And so today, there was a project due and I never got around to finishing it so I didn't bring it in. I was going to ask the teacher if I could bring it in tomorrow and still get some credit, and she got extremely rude! This same person who last week commented to my parents how "I'm such a pleasure in class" and "oh so delightful" has the audacity to say, "huh, well better late than never!" A teacher. That was beyond rude and it's not the kind of comment that one just makes, no, she intended it to come off as rude. I'm extremely angry at this. I've never shown her attitude of any kind. So why does she think that this even mildly okay? I was literally about to just walk out of her class. Nevertheless, what do you think about this situation? Do you think that her saying that was uncalled for?


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  • I don't understand this. You finishing the project is for your benefit... I don't get what you thought was extremely rude at all. Seems like a normal response and tbh you seem to be making a spec of dust into a sandstorm. Relax, just hand it in (late) and be glad you're still getting a chance. At my uni, if the lecturer decides to accept late work, they minus 10% immediately. If they choose not to accept it you get a fat zero.


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  • I don't think what she said was all that rude, you've failed to turn in your work on time.
    I'd be grateful it wasn't an automatic zero

    • I understand. Yes, I recognize that I didn't turn in my work, I realize that it's my fault and all, I just thought her commentary on it in that sense was highly unnecessary. I never said or commented on how I'm "correct" in any sense that I didn't turn in my work. I honestly don't even care that is didn't turn it in, but I was being mature and telling her about our and asking for her consent if tomorrow was okay.

    • Because it's annoying having a student not turn in their work and easily granting a pass gives the impression it's ok to do it again to that student and others. You may have been mature telling her your reasoning Hun but you aren't being mature in accepting her response

    • Thanks.

  • That's not extremely rude at all, I think she was being more than reasonable actually, considering you didn't finish your project.
    We get failed at my school if we don't hand in a project on the due date, you're lucky she let you off a day.
    I hope you're trolling tbh, because it's ridiculous to get worked up over something like this.

    • Not at all. I'm completely serious. I don't think it was appropriate at all that she did that. I do understand from her point of view that it's annoying that I didn't finish, but I don't believe it appropriate that she give me obvious attitude about it in front of everyone. I could just not even bother to finish the project which is what I'm opting for now. I'll admit I've been having a stressful couple of days so that's definitely had an influence on my aspect of the whole ordeal, but I still deem her repainted innapproriate. A simple yes or no could suffice.

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