Isn't it awkward when you feel good when you listen a crappy song [read the description]?

Am I the only one who has this feeling?

When you listen to a certain song, you remind and feel the mindset or incident you were going through when you first listened the song.

Isn't it awkward when you feel good when you listen a crappy song, but it makes feeling you good just because you listened it first when you were in a great mood?

One of my friend came up with this article. Bit long. But totally worth reading.


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  • Nostalgia is like that. Sometimes I hear a song and think "Wow, I haven't heard that song is ages". So I really enjoy listening to it. That I realize "Hey, musically that song sucks." But even after realizing it sucks, I still enjoy it just because it's nostalgic.

    It's not really about the song itself. The song just brings a feeling of days past, maybe a specific event, or a person, or an entire era of your life.

    • Exactly what I meant. But there's more. It's great when it brings good memories. Sometimes they bring bad memories. When that happens despite of how good the song is I skip the song.

      What I'm going to say is it's more than of nostalgia. It attached to the very feeling I had in the moment I first heard the song.

    • I think there are songs that bring bad memories for me, but they are very rare and I can't think of any right now.

      There are also sad songs. I have an entire concert that's like that. It's kind of happy and sad at the same time. It brings back memories of someone I was very close to. But it was also the last night I saw her before she moved away. So I guess that's called bittersweet. Not all the songs by that artist bring back the memories, but a lot of them do.

      Off the top of my head I can only think of one song that I remember hearing the very first time. The memories of that song are neither good or bad though.

    • Yeah I agree. :)

  • I get what you mean - When you associate a bad song with a good time or event

    • It's like this. That feeling comes when you listen to the song for the second time or later. You been listening to that song at the first time when you were in a good mood. Then when you listening it again despite of the situation you are NOW in, you feel good because you listened to that song first in a good mood.

      Plus, that song will remind the exact emotions you had when you first listen it. Mostly it happens on positive side. But sometimes it can give negative feeling too.

      I don't know you got what I mean. My English is terrible. (I'm not a native English speaker)

    • That is fine - I understood what you are trying to say