Why are minorities so horrible to each other?

I saw this Asian coffee counter guy talking to a well-dressed white girl before me.

When he got to me, he was not rude, but not friendly either.

I almost felt bad for wasting my 5 bucks on a cup of coffee which gave me a metaphoric sour taste in my mouth.

I notice forget white people being bad to others, minorities are actually awful to one another. Maybe because of their own insecurities.

I'm Indian


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  • Right here in LA it's mostly because of gangs but I gotta say I'm a Hispanic and I stick with Chicanos 100% Cause these blacks can't stand us.


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  • Maybe he liked the white girl and wanted to get her phone number? That's probably why he was being extra nice. I highly doubt it's because you're also Asian.

    • I'm not Asian, I'm Indian.

      I doubt that white girl would be interested in him. I can tell from her clothing she would go for a well-off guy and he probably realizes that too.

      Plus his job is to be friendly to customers not to make them feel insulted. I can't place my finger on it really but his body language was not friendly and kind the way people in his job are supposed to be

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    • I thought about what you said, and realized you're right.

      It's annoying sometimes to have experiences like this, because you're the one whose paying for something as opposed to the other way around.

      I agree with you however. It's not worth dwelling over. I'll keep that in mind when I deal with other minorities who also get a rise out of me and just stay away from them as much as I can.

    • Well I hope you can move onward but avoiding minorities seems counter productive. I mean, I'm a minority as well as you are. I would hate that someone would avoid me or assume things about me because of experiences they've had, that I had no control over. It just isn't right.

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  • Maybe he wasn't attracted to you...

    • So?

      I don't really understand how that makes a difference. Guys know that if they're not nice to a girl, it can give that girl a complex or worse, if someone else notices they will judge that girl.

      It's really not difficult to be nice to someone who you will never see again in your life.

      If I went around being nice only to guys I was attracted to, you and I both know I'd be called the 'b' word. Not me in particular, pretty much any girl who acted like that.

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    • I sense that again in your post, that feeling of delusion while also secretly realizing what I've said is spot-on, "most people agree with me even when they actually oppose what I'm saying."

      Are you some kind of VIP that people would do that? Obviously you aren't. No one cares enough about you to go out of their way to agree with you, that is YOUR delusion if you truly believe that.

      I often find people who get a lot of respect, have a lot of power, status etc. they are well aware of the way the world really works. And by that, I mean they don't have any delusions that people are so nice to them, or agree with them, or that they're so so important. They know full well that even with all that power, respect etc. and them being powerful, a lot of the 'niceness' they get is not only fake, if they didn't have that power or status, the same people who suck up to them wouldn't even turn around and look at them if they saw them on the street.

      They don't lie.. to themselves

    • I actually am some kind of VIP lol

  • white supremacy.

    • I know but it's ridiculous. You know white guys they never act like that to me.

      If anything, I think if there is a girl they really like or are attracted to, they're careful to not be insulting to the second one.

      Which really does make me conclude it's this white wash craze or some kind of obsession with white skin that makes them do that.

      What also never fails to surprise me, is that they're not remotely concerned of people judging them for their behaviour. They're okay with making a fool out of themselves thinking they're getting attention. And 9 times out of 10 I can bet money that girl wouldn't go out with that guy, unless he truly had something to offer her

    • It's not ridiculous. The weak prey on each other because they have no hope.

    • Are you saying I'm weak? I thought you were agreeing with me on this topic which I thought you got the premise of my point and also thought it was worth discussing

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