Do you think it would be cool if they made a GTA game where they bring back all the best old characters and incorporate them into the story?

Like for example they bring back Tommy vercetti as either a villain or an ally and he's old now (cause it isn't the 80s anymore) and they bring back Niko Bellic and Carl Johnson etc in similar capacities.
They could make the game huge with the power of consoles these days. Like it could have every city ever to be in GTA and you can fly back and fourth between them.

  • Yeah that would be fun
  • I'm not sure about that
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  • It would be fun but Niko's voice actor "went silent" so it would kinda be hard to get him.

    • They could just get someone else to put on an eastern European accent.
      And if they paid Michael Hollick enough money he'd probably do it.

  • yeah ıt would be cool

    • I think it would be too

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