What makes Trump so bad in your eyes?

What makes Donald J. Trump so bad? Almost everything "bad" I see about him, either by the media, or being posted by morons online, is untrue media hype. Please give me some reasons that makes him a bad Candidate compared to Hillary's doings. When I say reasons, I mean actual reasons, not just false "reasons" relaying his actions out of context.


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  • He's all over the place on the issues

    He supports "stop & frisk" which is basically the right of the government to detain citizens for no reason

    He purposely is flirting with white supremacists to get votes.

    He thinks climate change is a hoax invented by China. Then denied saying it when he realized how dumb it sounds (see #1).

    He talks about dick size in presidential debates. Really?

    He confuses our allies and adversaries all the time when speaking about foreign policy.

    He screws over contractors who work for him and bullies homeowners into selling cheap for developments.

    Tons of his own party hate him.

    And I don't like Hillary either. Trump's faults stand alone.


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  • He sounds like a fucking retard when he talks and doesn't exactly inspire confidence that he would know what he is doing. He doesn't have any experience with politics and doesn't seem like he would be good at maintaining healthy relationships with foreign leaders or calming the nation in times of crisis.

    Also, I would be kinda embarrassed to hear the leader of my country use the word "bigly" when adressing the nation.

    The only reason I -almost- want him to win is because there is a sick/twisted part of me that thinks it would be hilarious to see all those feminists and SJWs lose their shit if Hillary doesn't win.


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  • Nothing TRUMP2KFOREVER #LetTheTreignBegin

  • Making light of sexual assault
    Being an idiot
    Making fun of people
    Being an idiot
    Talking casually about nuclear warfare

    I am not saying I love Hillary Clinton but this guy is just too much for me.

    • That comment actually made me laugh out loud.

      "Making light of sexual assault"

      Can't argue anything on that, besides the fact Hillary has done the same things. Not trying to compare the two, just sick of hearing people bad things Trumps done, and Hillary has done the same things.

      "Being an idiot"

      Way to already show intolerance, hate, and ignorance! Kind of makes you sound scummy.

      "Making fun of people"

      Who has he REALLY made fun of?

      "Being an idiot"

      Refer to comment above.

      "Taking casually about nuclear warfare"

      That's entirely not true! I bet you're referring to the Hillary propaganda all over the TV and internet. It's sad actually, if you've actually looked at what he's said. He's basically said the SAME exactly nuclear policy we have now. He doesn't want to use nukes but he's not going to take it out of the possible If necessary. You see there's many other countries developing nukes, and they're our unpredictable enemies. I can show you video proof. Rethink yourself.

    • At least Hillary won't be grabbing anyone's "pussy" or penis.

      I don't feel bad about calling him an idiot. He is unprofessional, rude, childish, not accepting of people different than him, etc

      He has said that prisoners of war are not as brave as people who have not been captured. That is total bullshit and it is humiliating to those people and their families.

      He says he is going to blow people and countries up like it's no big deal and that shouldn't happen.

  • He does not know how to speak to people
    A hothead
    A warhawk
    Does not know how the government works

  • I've heard what he actually says, directly from his mouth, no video editing, live, every word.

    He's a piece of shit. He's a bigot, he's a conspiracy theorist, he has no fucking clue about policy.

    He's also a narcissistic child. His ego is so fragile. He can be baited so easily. No slight, however small, can go unaddressed.

    If you can't see that, then you're probably just as bigoted and moronic as him.

  • He acts like a fucking child when he doesn't get his way.

    • At least he doesn't suicide anyone... XD

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    • And you wonder why people hate Hillary supporters. Keep proving my point

    • You're a sensitive little pansy aren't ya? And where the fuck did I say I supported Hillary? I don't. I hate trump more. He says he's going to make America great again but he buys his steel and metals from china! Yeah okay.

  • Sometimes I actually wish he became your President so I could laugh at you and feel better about my own country's poor politician choices...

  • Not my problem. Go Canada. 🍁


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  • it is the right wing populism that he represents. I think he is the biggest danger to world peace at the moment. If he wins he will unleash a wave of right wing populism all around the world especially after Brexit. Right Wing Populism was what brought Adolf Hitler to power and the rise of Nazism. I don't fear Donald Trump per se just what he may start.

  • I don't think he's bad. He's the best candidate by far, but he's not great.
    To me, the main problem he has is speaking, he doesn't know how to speak like a president should. And it's understandable considering he doesn't have any political background, but the way his sentences are structured should be better. But that's not a big deal, since it's about policies, not how you speak, but still, he would have gained more points if he talked better.

    Also not believing in climate change or thinking abortion is wrong, is something I don't like about him.

    • I completely agree with you about his speaking. It's not really fair to judge how he is, based off that. Like you said he has no political background, he doesn't have the skills from it.

      However Climate change, I'm not saying isn't real, it's just we don't really know. There are many reputable sciences that back that. Many say we do not cause it. With that being said, if it really does, to what extent? It's an impossible to know.

      On abortion, he is a little tough on it. Having an abortion is not right. Many people have them because they got "knocked up." I mean c'mon it's pretty sad someone can not wear a condom and get a tire pregnant, then abort it. Condoms do break but that's the risk you're taking when having sex. On the otherhand, you do have people that can't afford it, or nasty scummy girls having abortions "just because," saving the child from horrible conditions. It's wrong to even start a mere aspect of life. They shouldn't be able to so that.

    • Yeah, there's scientists that say climate change isn't real, or caused by humans, but most don't say that, and I think it's not something you should dismiss, but actually consider.

      I don't agree when abortion is used as a contraceptive. If you don't take precautions and end up pregnant, you should deal with the consequences, though it'll suck for the baby to have such shitty parents.
      But there's cases where pregnancy was an accident even with precautions, and since there's no life yet, they should be able to abort. That being said, there should be a limit.

  • He accuses Hillary of abusing her charity yet he uses his funds from his charity to buy portraits of himself + fund lawsuits.

    His malunderstanding of how government works

    His lack of diplomacy

    His very punch able face

    His hypocrisy

    His lies

  • The truth of the matter is policies spoken by any politician is always just bullshit and it's just the face they must provide to the public. It's never about that because they barely ever do what they say anyways. Both have pros and cons about their policies, some are better with Hillary and some are better with Donald

    It really comes down to who they will favour and who's side are they on

    On the surface it looks like Donald is the guy we need to fight for us on the inside. Hillary looks like the women that is about keeping the top of the pyramid in power, the way's its been for a long time

    As far as I'm concerned @Saoirse_Nua is going in the right direction

  • His stance on abortions
    His tendency to lash out at anyone who criticizes him
    His stance on immigration
    His exploitation of tax loopholes
    His comments about women
    His lack of any sort of concrete plan (other than an entirely unfeasible wall)
    His stance on global warming
    His lack of political experience
    His stance on stop-and-frisk
    His tax plan

    Need I go on?

  • I don't think he's so bad. He's not nearly as bad as the system that attacks him. But he is painfully immature.

  • He's a terrible father to his daughter Tiffany.

  • Besides him being trump? I don't know. This whole election just blows

  • Nothing? I hope he wins! Love from Italy

  • He isn't bad.


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    • Please tell me you don't just listen to Fox News. You need to read up on what he does

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    • Also love how thisisit was trying to stereotype you, which is pretty hilarious! Silly Libtards!

    • Look how hated Trump is on this question! 4 dislikes.

      As is expected

  • Making fun of a disabled reporter, pretty horrendous. Making fun of a decorated POW, Naval Aviator is almost as bad.

    When you salute an officer, you salute the Officers Crest (scrambled eggs) and not the man. Weather you dislike or disrespect the man, you always salute that Crest. Trust me, alot' of officers are fucking dicks.

    So John McCain, guy is an opportunistic jackass as a politician.
    As a POW for 5 years he represented the Navy well.

    Trump could have said so much more about McCains shitty' political record but decided to chose the one thing most agree was impressive.
    Trump is a festering pile of shit honestly. That's why he's bad in my eyes.

  • Did you know that Trump used to be pro choice, he only recently became pro life. LMAO. I wouldn't trust a guy who's too wishy washy on what he believes in

    • Lol and now he's anti gun control when before he was pro gun control

    • Did you know Hillary used to be for the TPP, even calling it "the gold standard"?

    • That's a pretty stupid reason, being the other choice does that as well.

  • He's a dummy he's racist he unfit to lead, him and that clown Hillary