How do I learn to love myself?

I've been told I have low self-esteem and accused of self-hatred recently.

How can I learn to love myself?

(I've known people that love themselves that aren't even good people).


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  • you dont learn it. you just need to live your life at its best. by that it means a lot. interreact with people, have hobies, read read read, have healty relationships, do what you love and be with people who enjoys being with you who appreciates you for who you are. you will feel more valuable when you are the best version of yourself in your own journey.


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  • you do love yourself, but you dont respect it, you can't imagine yourself to be as strong as you should be because you think you can't handle the responsibility.
    it is about making decisions, then you take 100% responsibility of the outcome.


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  • Gotta have roots before branches my friend

    • So how do I get roots?

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    • What about changing yourself and improving?

    • Only if it is for the better and if you are doing it for YOURSELF

  • by either fixing or ignoring your perceived flaws

    • I will write down a list of my flaws.

      I don't know if all of them can be fixed.

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    • I want to improve myself to the point where I can regularly date attractive girls.

      I don't know if this is reachable.

    • don't limit yourself
      anything is possible

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