Asking an acquaintance/friend to a concert?

Hey guys!

My favourite band is coming to town in a few months, and since no one I know has the same taste in music, I was thinking about asking an acquaintance/friend to go with me. We don't know each other too well, and we haven't talked too much, but when we do talk, it's about deep topics and I feel like we're very comfortable around each other. I know for sure that he has never heard of this band, but his taste in music is quite similar/alternative too!
What do you think, would it be weird to ask him to go with me (as friends!)? And what would you think if someone you don't know very well would ask you to go to a concert of a band you've never heard of?
Thanks in advance!

Well, got rejected... guess I'll go alone now :)


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  • Go for it that sounds so cute. If he bails, can I come 😂

  • if you have no troubles talking i'd send him a song to ask him whether he likes the band or not (which i guess he will since you mentioned you have similar taste in music). if he tells you he likes them, i'd mention that they are coming to your town and that you would really love to hear them and wonder if he would be interested too. since, well, no one else is interested. just keep it friendly as if it was your friend (not bestie, but a random friend). not sure if you want something with him or not, but either way, it's best to just keep it friendly :)