Do I have the right to be frusterated?

Yesterday my partner in class pulls out a water bottle. Pic below.
Do I have the right to be frusterated?Fucking bitch..

The level of frustration I had at the moment was indescribable. Companies like arrowhead take their water from the mountains. I mean.. they are literally siphoning the life out of those mountains. It's disgusting because those mountains are made by the earth but we are using man made devices and infiltrating it's natural beauty. I bet she would be the type of person to drink arrowhead. Does she not have any sense of compassion in the sense of preservation. My mom asked me how my day was when I got home from school.
Fucking bitch.

My class partner.. Fucking grow up... Holy shit.

  • I'd be very angry as well.
  • This is stupid to get made over
  • Calm down over there boss
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  • Dat feel when you can spell infiltrated correctly but not frustrated.

    • Infiltrating even.

    • I misspelled 'mad' as 'made' too lmfao. My fingers are too fat for my phone dude. Can't type with these shrek fingers.

    • Didn't even look at the poll 😂 good job

      I'm sure those fat fingers are good for something tho 😏😳😇

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  • I wouldn't be angry at her. She just doesn't realize what a scam bottled water is. A lot of the companies just bottle tap water. And then there's all the plastic waste that doesn't get recycled. (The amount of crude oil it takes to make a plastic bottle would fill that bottle 1/3 full.) It's much better (and cheaper) to get a refillable, stainless steel bottle and fill it up from time to time.

    • I donno whenever I use my stainless steel flask nowadays it tastes matallic. Whereas plastic and glass bottles can be recycled everywhere.

    • thanks for MH Guy opinion!

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  • No, you don't. Water bottles are made for the purpose of taking water with you when you leave the house. She's thirsty, dude. She probably doesn't know what harm the companies do. I don't even know.

    My family buys cases of bottled water. That isn't under my control. Since they are there, and we don't own any other type of bottle with a lid on it (we do, but they're old and probably have mold), I drink from water bottles. However, I reuse the same bottle for WEEKS. I refill it with tap water. Once it gets gross, I recycle it.

    We are not wasteful with those plastic bottles. You shouldn't assume that she it wasteful or disrespectful either. Instead of getting mad at every single person that buys bottled water, you should get mad at the people who bottle that water. Store customers just take what they see. They aren't aware of any issues with it.

  • I don't have an opinion on your question but your gift is gold. They're playing settlers of catan and I know the feels that guy is experiencing.

  • I don't get what your mad about?

    • Are you fucking kidding me right now?

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    • @Zendrya the thicker plastic ones you can't recycle and a lot of times they leak, the steel ones develop a matallic taste to it after awhile and taste horrible. So I'd rather stick to bottles that I can swap and change every few months.

  • Lmaooo

  • 0|0
  • That's why I only drink the blood of my enemies, I'm considerate enough To leave fish bathrooms alone

  • Hmm that girl should drink Fiji water.

  • So... what do you feed on?


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