What Do You Think Of This List On Wiki Of Movies That Are Considered The Worst?

Their A Few Movies That I'm Surprised Aren't On ThereWhat Do You Think Of This List On Wiki Of Movies That Are Considered The Worst?


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  • pretty solid. only saw a handful
    reefer madness. it's silly and dumb but i find it entertaining just how ridiculous it is... i actually own it

    exorcist II was really really awful
    howard the duck was weird and terrible
    showgirls/striptease... saw these only because i was teen at the time and they were on hbo and i wanted to see boobs. but they are both terrible movies
    batman and robin... easily the worst of the franchise
    freddy got fingered... i remember thinking this was funny at the time. i was in high school and the sophmoric humor probably made me laugh. haven't seen it since teh theaters but i imagine now i'd find it dumb
    jack and jill... yeah this was a bad movie.

    • I never saw the whole movie from Freddie Got Fingered but I saw some parts and I think its entertaining (: but I get why its on the list

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  • Most of these movies I never watched, so I can comment only some of them.

    Avengers - Disappointing but I wouldn't call it one of the worst.

    Superman 4 - I disagree 100%, it was a great sequel.

    Batman & Robin - Well, it wasn't nearly as good as the previous Tim Burton's Batman movies, but it's still better than previous Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever. Besides, Arnie was cool in the role of Mr Freeze.

    Mac and me - Nope, it's not bad, but a bit childish.

    Troll 2 - It's bad because there are no Trolls in it, only Goblins.

    Battlefield Earth - Boring movie, but I've seen worse.

    Catwoman - Definitely one of the worst.

    The Last Airbender - No way, that's a great movie.

    Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 - Yep, dumb movie.


    • You actually surprised me with some of your answers on some of these movies especially The Last Airbender

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    • Gorgeous animation and characters that can be so funny or awesome

    • Well, the movie has some really hot actresses (Seychelle Gabriel, Nicola Peltz, Summer Bishil) ;)

  • Can't see it or zoom in on my phone, sorry bud😕

    • It's cool Mariah Carey's Movie Glitter is on the list

    • If you don't mind me asking can you comment on my newest MyTake its about The Goonies (1985)

  • I did zoom in and I still can't make out what it says but I would think they probably aren't far from wrong

    • Really you like these movies?

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    • I only use my iPhone also like some people on here since I'm at work

    • But I agree with madhatters4 but Howard the Duck was entertaining and silly, Striptease was only good to see boobs and Jack and Jill was really bad

  • Don't talk shit about my movie 😤