Have you ever been called weird?

If so, why?
On g@g or real life.

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  • A couple on Here, dear, Over 3 years, but only Those who Didn't get my own Vote for... MHO.
    In Real Life, Never. Maybe a Thing or Two, I might have Done As "Weird," but that would be my Own Wise Motive in Mind at the Time.
    Everyone under the Sun, Online and Off, are not Totally Off the Wall and All, but Instead, those Ones, hun, Simply Have their own Way of Life, Much like We all do.
    However, Perhaps if it Sadly Should go "Hay Wire" On Some, like Becoming suddenly"Unhinged," for Whatever "Mysterious" Reasons, the Stronger Ones will be Able to Get Back on Track with no Problem.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • Yeah, I get the idea.

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    • *Gag, that is. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • For not talking. See I'm the kind of person that I actually kind of prefer keeping to myself and getting along with my day, and there's only a few people irl and online that I actually talk too. I feel like I have a close relationship with these people (same common interests) I seldom speak and when I do, it's sometimes a pain because I feel that no body listens to what I say. They're more intrigued that I'm actually speaking they end of making a big deal of it. So in the future I'm even 'more' selective about who I talk to. Been this way my entire life.


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