Two nights in a row dreaming of a former crush. Does it mean something?

I'm really bad at dream interpretations but I've had dreams two nights in a row about a guy I used to have a huge crush on (still would love to get to know him and still think he is gorgeous). In both dreams I try to give him a scarf I made and he either wants to take me up on a date I offered one time and is nice and gladly takes the scarf or is just utterly uncomfortable but still tries to let me down nicely but still takes the scarf. I don't know what is going on but I notice that it all goes back to the scarf. Anyone good at this stuff?

Okay maybe I should clarify. I know it doesn't mean anything on a real life level but those who do know about dream interpretations what is going on? I'm well aware that dreams don't usually mean anything related to the real person but I want to know what the DREAM means for my psyche


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  • Meeting people you know in a dream, as far as I know, is usually a part of your personality that you've been ignoring.


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