How to I get a date?

How do I get a date, when the only guy who i have been interested in hasn't shown any interest in me?

I go out, and i meet new guys regulary, but not really anyone that i have been intersetd in. Some guys have shown intrest in me, but im not attracted to them.

I can't really flirt and not really sure what to even do. In the past i got dates why meeting guys randomly and one guy i met through a dating app app, but i haven't been on a date for over a year. I really miss it


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  • get some hobbies and try some more online dating. between the two, especially if u are in school, u should be busy with ur pick of people even as a very picky little girl.

    • what type of hobbies? I do work out a lot and i play fotball, but those aren't the best places to meet guys at all. Im a student at uni and there is a lot of attractive men here, but when there is no natural setting for me to talk to guys, who aren't in my class, so i dont talk to them , and they dont talk to me. I might talk to a friend of a friend for example, but that is it

    • Im on a dating app, and i just got invited on date with a guy who isn't bad looking, but just telling by his pictures he is on the chubby side. The worste part: im considering saying yes, lol

    • hobbies are anything u like to do, like skiing, scuba diving, shopping ;) lol anything where u do something u like and are around others really is what i ment really. college, u are around plenty of guys, see one u like talk to him. they are in the same boat as u, they see tons of girls and most of them are just walking around not talking to anyone... u know how much a pain in the ass it is to talk to them? u could put some work in it and go to the academic support center or what ever they call it and talk to people in the massive study rooms. help me im a silly girl that needs help with blah. thats super easy. dating apps. there are thousands probably, should proably join a few, each has different traits and different kinds of people that join more or less. some sites have more stuck up people, some are more druggie... some are clearly basicly fuck buddy sites. it jsut depends what u really want, but does not hurt to join a few and there are always exceptions on all of them

  • Grab her by the pussy

    • as much of a bitch as most these guys are, they dont actually have pussies, so at least try to use it right... FAIL!!! try harder

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