How to deal with feeling like sh*t?

Like a literal sack of shit. My grades are horrid, my attendance is terrible.. i'm late all the time, and I don't like school so I randomly skip periods & sometimes whole days. I'm barely getting any hours at work, which means I'm not getting a lot of money. People depend on me for stuff, and I can barely depend on myself. I don't want to shower, my room's a mess, & my hair desperately needs to be done. Not to mention the only reason why I skipped school today was because I woke up feeling like sh*t for crashing my mom's car with my two siblings inside. I have no one to talk to about this, and I honestly can feel myself sinking lower and lower into. depression. I don't know what to do


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  • You take shot and convert it


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  • You definitely sound like you are depressed especially considering you're starting to neglect your own needs. Truthfully these things can be easily fixed. If it feels like they're bringing you down the best way is to tackle them head on. It might seem like work at first but they need to be taken care of.
    1. Do you homework each night and turn things in on time.
    2. Stop skipping class and school, make sure you're there on time.
    3. Pay attention in school, take notes.
    4. Look for a new job.
    5. Tell people you just can't help.
    6. Shower each and every night
    7. Clean your room and actively try to keep it clean
    8. Brush your hair, try different style. Groom yourself, make yourself feel pretty, paint your nails or something.
    9. Talk to your mother. You're holding on to too much guilt. Tell her you're sorry and that you feel bad. Your mom loves you and doesn't want you to feel guilty about anything. Talk to her, tell her you're sorry. Tell your siblings you love them.

    You really need to do the opposite of everything you're currently doing. It seems as though you're causing your own misery.