Jump into one of the 3 pools naked full of each of these things for 90 million British pounds which one would you go with?

1. a pool full of cone snails and provoke them until bitten by them.
2 a pool full of golden landers naked and provoke them while you're down there with them
3. a pool full of bleach and drano with no protection what so ever and stay under for 5 minutes

Correction Golden lanceheads
Bonus !! be able to stay in a room full of laughing gas for 30 minutes


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  • First, I have a question for you. Wouldn't it look suspicious when I go to convert this 90 million British pounds for US dollars? Do I have to explain how I got the money?
    I don't know what golden landers are, so I'll be naked with them. Maybe I can train them to be nice.

    • Correction golden lanceheads

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    • 100% totally concentrated

    • I'm either dead or stay broke. I won't get the money either way. Thanks for letting me try though lol

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  • Probably the cone snails man. Once they bite me I can get out? lol

    I have no idea what golden landers are.

    #3 will kill anyone


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  • Whats a golden lander?

    • Correction golden lanceheads

    • Considering all of the above would be deadly, I'll just let you keep the money lol.

  • I have no idea what golden landers are, Google doesn't say. But I'll do option 3.

    • Correction golden lanceheads

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