Does this make me too negative of a person?

Okay so let's say I have a crush and I say "there's no way they will like me back. I don't have a chance with them." People will usually respond with "don't be so negative. They could like you some day"

But if I think "oh maybe I do have a chance" and that day never comes, it will just lead to disappointment. Why give myself a false sense of hope?
if I expect disappointment, then it won't hurt as much when it comes.

If I think more negative about it and this person actually DOES end up liking me, then I will actually be extremely happy and surprised because I wasn't expecting it. You know what I mean?

The crush thing is just an example. I think like this about competitions or contests too. Stuff like that.


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  • I think along similar lines. I always think, "So what if they like me? I'm not good for them anyways. They deserve someone better."


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