I'm thinking of using Trump's personality to model my own? Do you think this is wise?

While I do believe being a nice guy is good. In my life, I've found that his techniques for handling conflict and people tend to work better.

I've found that being the better man, or being fair, often end up with my loosing out.

Furthermore, the same applies with how he deals with women.

I am a nice guy. Consequently, I am single, poor and have been screwed over so much.

Yet, when I am a bit mean, biased, and harsh, I've found that no one questions me. At least then if someone dislikes me, there are no black and whites. Everyone will know why, and there will be no speculation surrounding it. Those people would have probably disliked me anyways if I had been nice. Regardless, of what I did.

I've noticed that when I am a bit obnoxious, the types of people I dislike (personality wise) tend to stay away and not bother me. What do you think? Have you noticed this?

What works for you?

Being mature, moral... it doesn't seem to work for me. Acting with Obama's character traits tends to end with me being screwed over.


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  • You need to be yourself instead of trying to act like people you're not.

    • It doesn't work if it ends with you being poor and jobless.

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    • Furthermore, I've noticed girls are bad for giving advice on how guys should act. After all, statistically, you aren't doing well as a group.

    • Wow. So you're problem isn't your personality. It's your shitty manners.

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  • Than depends, are you a billionaire? Because I think that's how he pulls it off.

    • His personality is what made him a billionaire.
      Furthermore, it has helped make him come out on top when dealing with people's attacks.
      I think he is an amazing man, and great role model, although as a person, I'd dislike dealing with him.

  • Are you always like this or today is just a special day?


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