Black women... STFU?

Over the past week I've been seeing a lot of posts from black women saying "we are the most undesired group of women on the planet, blah blah blah". Basically giving into what the negativity that some have about black women. ITS FUCKING ANNOYING.

I'm a black women and i have to admit that when I hear shit like "black girls are ghetto/ugly etc." I dont care (its not like im trying to impress anyone), the problem that I DO have is some of the black women who co-sign the negativity that other men state. Why do thwy do that?

By you giving into that bullshit, your making people think that those statements about black women are true. It makes YOU unattractive and makes all black women look like they aren't only ghetto and ugly but their also depressing as hell.

Black women aren't the least desired, they are the most misrepresented and THATS the problem, and those women who believe in this need to shut up because they are part of the problem, am i the only one who thinks this?


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  • Not saying I disagree, but why is it only black women? How come when other groups of women play into those stereotypes, it doesn't make them unattractive and only us?

    When white women give an emotional response, that's okay because that's only one woman, but when black women do it, it's because we are loud and ghetto. 🤔🤔🤔

    • I see what your saying, I've questioned that too.

    • When a white women snaps out - Oh that's okay, it's only one girl

      When a black woman snaps out - Ugh, black Women just being black women

      It's not entirely our fault it's people beliving stereotypes that are a part of the problem.

    • Yea I'm fully aware of that but for some women to entertain those statements need to stop.

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  • When God made the fist black woman, He was just showing off!

  • Agreed. I have seen the supposed statistical "proofs" but they are NOT at all statistically valid. I find some black women very attractive.

  • How do you feel about black lives matter? Or should it be every race lives matter?

    • By you asking that question it tells me that you don't understand the purpose of BlackLivesMatter.

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    • I think this whole "AllLivesMatter" thing is kinda stupid. Imagine going to the doctor for a broken bone and him saying "well all bones matter!" Yup doc, but this one is broken, it needs fixing

    • @FallOutBoy2001 That's my favorite metaphor to use for this situtation, does it help everyone understand? No, I wouldn't go beyond that point to talk someone into something that they don't want to understand.

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  • Black girls can be hot. But 9 times out of 10, their pussy kinda looks ugly. To me anyway.

  • Given your responses to iron man you sound like a typical stereotypical black girl... angry, loud and annoying as fuck. Every time I ask myself why do the stats show that black women are the least desired and married race of women, I stumble upon one like yourself and I'm reminded why lol. I'm just thankful that Im not forced to date you people

    • I'm not angry, loud or any other stereotypes you think I am but good for you

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    • Also, "I sound..."?
      You don't know how I sound but if that's how you feel then awesome, nobody is looking for your approval, have a wonderful day :)

    • What is wrong with you? You're ignorant basing off is stereotypes

  • it depends where you live.
    wrong group of people who look dissimilar mostly.
    there are exceptions which are relative.
    take away culture programming and then see what you like.

  • Your headline is so triggering. It's problematic.

    • I did that on purpose, its click bait

    • For those that upvoted, I just want make you aware that I was being facetious if you weren't already.

    • Lmao

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  • I feel as though I agree with your argument, my and my friend got into it because he is SUPER pro black, and although Im black and I hear all the complaints/understand our community, Im just not as concerned,. Not saying I dont care but its like you said, us acting that way proves these accusers right. I know who I am and anyone who talks to me can see also, so thats all I really care about

    • Yea, as long as you know yourself, none of that should get to you.
      As for the pro black thing, I'm pro black but I know not ALL blacks want to be so I understand

    • Oh! Dont get me wrong, I root for the black community, but it just seems to be so violent lately, I dont fw the violence

  • Wtf are you so pressed about?

  • well said!

  • I would probably be pissed to hear that of my own race too

  • I've always thought darker skin was beautiful. but i think black women are especially beautiful. they have many features that are elegant, such as high cheek bones, large lips and dark eyes. maybe the dark eyes is more of a personal thing. i just feel that when someone has dark eyes you pay more attention to them, you have to be attentive to see the way they express their thoughts and feelings with them.

  • I don't think Black women should STFU. I think we have great features and attritibutes that people like on women who aren't black. For example Kim Ks bum, it's not unusual to see a butt that size on an African woman but no one cared before or complimented before our natural body type was a trend.

    • I mean the ones who give in and believe all the negative things being said about black women as a whole.

    • It's hard to not hear voices saying you're not desirable and never seeing someone who looks like you as the icon as beauty. I personally think your self esteem comes from your family and what you see in media etc

    • I agree with you on that.
      I was lucky to have parents who helped me 'embrace by features' so I don't know how that feels to not have that support from family.

  • And people wonder why I hate being black so much lol. Trust me, I didn't choose this, and I'm not proud of it. Lololololol