You are now the newest supervillain in Gotham! What do you do next?

So you are now a villain in town. What is your name, abilities or tech or whatever you use, and what is your first big plan. and what do you plan on doing about the batman.


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  • I'm getting all into this. I'm giving myself a back story

    I'm "The Jester" lmao
    I met joker in Arkham Asylum. And I looked up to him as a father figure, and he inspired me to become the crazy criminal that I am today.
    I call him "Dad" even though he's not really my dad. I'm always trying to help him out because sons want to make their dads proud of them. but I'm a fuck up. I always mess up my dads evil plans. One day he gets really mad at me because I messed something up and he basically tells me to fuck off. He's like "You don't do anything right, you screw everything up. Blah blah" and I go "Fine then fuck you. I will kill batman myself"
    So All this makes me snap and I get crazier and even more evil and I turn against Joker as well.
    Now my plan is to kill both batman and Joker. And I have a really powerful army of henchmen and I become the most dangerous villain of all of Gotham


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  • I never understood why and how Gotham continued to exist what with all of the "super" crime going on there.