My younger sister got out of her control?

She is two years younger then me se is 14 and I'm 16, she goes to my highschool and she has the nerve to put me down and call me names... And boss around. And if I start an argument I will feel bad and blame myself. She knows that I'm really sensitive and she takes advantage of that, se takes my stuff without asking and never tells me... I try to tell her and she says it's not yours mom bought it... Or whenever she embarrasses me in school she makes sure almost everyone sees it or she will call me stupid. I don't want to start an argument so I try to ignore her from causing any and now she just takes control of my life... Telling me what I am or like she's on track and I wante to join and I'm petite and she's like you shouldn't join track your going to be slow or something like that. Something she does she comes with comebacks out of nowhere an gets to me and I try to be nice to her still try to forget what she comes with because after all she's my little sister. But it just got to the point where she thinks she's the boss... And she had this voice that will you convince you... I feel foolish of this but I need ur help... And like every morning she will start demanding, " don't do this don't do that, you BETTER not do that! Like why get at me like that... And if I don't do what she says she will never forget until she embarrasses me or again puts me down that I am that and she is that... I don't know what to do...


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  • Just ignore her existence.

    • She hates when I do that so she will do something horrible or really make me sad. And she took all my friends , because she's acting fake I'm serious she like the sweetest person to my friends bit when with me she goes with making me feel down.

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  • During the teenager years you have to remind your younger brothers who's the older and who's the younger, I did it 3 times. You don't argue you say what you gotta say and let her talk to the air. Tell her that she's not allowed to take your stuff without permission if she keeps doing that do the same to her to see how she likes it. Whenever she tries to embarrases you clapback don't just stand there listening. Don't give her too much space into your space. Make things clear like you do you and I'll do me

    • The problem is I don't know how to say something mean it's just puts me in a uncomfortable position... I don't know how to comeback when someone says something bout me I just ignore now

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    • If she calls you something ignore her and remember that words of hate shouldn't affect you. Let her know that you're her sister and you're not against her but you can't keep up with the way she's disrespecting you. Isolate yourself from her and only talk to her when it's necessary when she demands you to do something just don't. And tell her that if she's grown to call you names she's grown to do things herself as well.

    • I seeee, thanks for your time

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  • Tell her she's the younger one and if an argument is the only way she'll learn then so be it


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  • You're 16. She's 14. You're basically the same age (as far as the grand scheme of life). Are your really surprised she's bullying you and behaving like that? There are bullies and there are crybabies in the world. Be the bully for once.

    You're both being petty. But you're also both teenagers. And it doesn't get any better until you're in your 30's and married and living on opposite sides of the country.

    Hell. I'm 23 and my 15 year old sister still gets under my skin. Could you imagine if we were closer in age? Goodness.

    • One time she made a story that I took her shorts and they're actually mine an she got a zero for the day ( for pe) and turns out she always had another pair. And on my really important day of finals she got me into trouble I was grounded for two days because of her lie and she can convince people pretty well. I had to walk two school days. She just made my day worse and I wasn't on the mood. And for once I was avoiding her and not talking and this guy said, why are you sooo mean to your sister? " for once and everyone heard it and she made it sound like se was an angel in disguise.

    • Yup. That's what it's like having a sister. You'll get along when you're 30 something. Or so they say.

  • Take charge! She's a brat and you need to show authority; talk back, don't just listen to her banter.

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